Just a reminder that the Interest Meeting is tomorrow night at
Hello everyone ,
         I hope the semester is going good for you guys so far. I would like to let everyone know about the changes to the organization.

* New Officers and Advisor (Check the Org. Members page)
* New Meeting times : Wednesday @ 6:30 PM BAS - 113

        Also the Interest Meeting is on Wednesday ( 10/2/13 ), All members are required to attend. The 
This is a little late but here is another inspiring video we watched in one of our meetings:
Hello Everyone, The location of our next meeting will be at BWW (Old Fort Parkway at 5:00pm) to mix things up and so our members can get more comfortable around each other. Hope to see all of you there.
Thanks to those who came out to help with the Trick or Treat For Others To Eat community service event. It was a complete success and goods we collected will be donated to a good cause. If you didn't make it to this community service event there will be more to come, so keep checking the
Meeting today the same place and same time - BAS S-208 , 5:00 PM 
During today's meeting we watched an inspirational video that talked about how leaders inspire action not just look for fame and money. Every visitor and member should definitely take a look. Here is the video in case you missed the meeting. Feel free to leave your thoughts. 

Come out to L.E.G.A.C.Y./ Collegiate 100 Collaboration event , we will be discussing topics from How To Dress for Professional the world, Time Management, etc. It's open to all but targeted to freshman.
The Interest Meeting is Today at 5:00 , There will be pizza so come out and see what we are about and out
Happy Bday to one of our founders , Cameron !!!